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The Four C’s of Diamonds

At Silver and Gold, we appraise diamonds on the four C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat.

diamonds on black felt

Clarity determines the amount of blemishes and imperfections that exist naturally on your diamond. Clarity is also the least important of the four C’s, as small inclusions are microscopic and aren’t able to be seen with a naked eye. Clarity ranks as the following: I3-I1 (extremely Included), SI2-SI1 (slightly included), VS (very slightly included), IF (internally flawless), and finally FL (flawless, making up less than 1% of diamonds).


Using the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the industry standard of diamond color grading, we determine the color of your diamonds. The grading scale ranges from Z through D, with D being the absolutely colorless perfect diamond. Different diamond colors and letter assignments pair better with different colored jewelry.


Cut is the most important factor in the four C’s. The cut of your diamond determines how much it sparkles and shines. Even a flawless clarity or colored diamond may be diminished by having a poor cut. Cutting the diamond is about geometry and light refraction. The grading scale for diamond cuts ranges from poor/fair, good, very good, and ideal, with the ideal cut only making up less than 3% of all diamonds. A better cut on your diamond not only reflects light more eloquently but is worth more as well. You may have also heard of different types of cuts, such as princess, emerald, or radiant. These determine the actual shape of the diamond itself as it is set in the jewelry.


Often mistaken for the size of a diamond, carat actually refers to its weight. A higher carat nets a larger price and more cash in your pocket. The carat of your diamond can be misleading, especially if there is an improper cut applied to it. We are no rookies to examining diamonds. Our team of experts has years of experience appraising diamonds so you’re sure to get the fairest deal at Silver and Gold.

Expertise You Can Trust

When you bring your diamond into Silver and Gold, you aren’t just sending them off to anybody to make a quick dollar. Our team of experts has spent years perfecting their craft of analyzing precious stones and metals. Don’t just mail your jewelry to a company you don’t know. Bring your collections into one of our many Northern California locations to be greeted with a smiling face and assurance that you’re being taken care of. We offer free estimates and if you don’t feel comfortable selling, you are under no obligation to. Come see us today!

The Best Deals for Your Silver and Gold. Guaranteed!